Heavy Metal #302 English

Heavy Metal #302 English

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Featuring: Norbert and Libertore's "Lucy: Hope" Chapter 3, Eriwn, Medney, & Guice's "Taarna" Part 2, Bacon and Fraggalosch's "Angel of Detroit", an interview with the Flaming Lips' lead singer Wayne Coyne by Geoff Boucher, Medney and Ponce's "Dark Wing" Chapter Three, Columbus and Barrionuevo's "Savage Circus" Chapter Three, Balcare, López, and Jok's "Funeral" Chapter One, Sprouse and Magno's "Sun Eater", Romero and Yapur's "The Rise" Chapter One, Bod?'s "Cobalt-19", an interview with Mark Bod? by David Erwin, McCann and Duncan's "Onslaught Prodigy", Roggenbaun and Delpeche's "Matter Jerry", Lopez's "The Tea House", and the Sears' "Maiden" Chapter One.