Heavy Metal #303 (Softcover in englisch)

Heavy Metal #303 (Softcover in englisch)

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- Lucy by Liberatore concludes in this issue.

- Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror collide in this issue as Heavy Metal´s latest serializations continue developing!

- Maiden by Michelle & Bart Sears, Savage Circus by Brendan Columbus & Al Barrionuevo, The Rise by George C. Romero & Diego Yapur, Dark Wing by Matthew Medney & German Ponce, The Last Detective by Claudio Álvarez and Geraldo Borges, and Funeral by Emilio Balcarce and Jok.

- Steve Orlando and Marcelo Borstelmann collaborate on the short story String Theory!

- Chris Anderson’s  Last Planet, Other Side of the Sun,  Dwayne Harris’  Dominion and Marko Stojanovi? & Tudor Popa’s Sides round up the awesome short stories found in this issue!

- Geoff Boucher. Matthew Medney and Joshua Sky interview Liam Sharp, Brendan Columbus and Dylan Sprouse, respectively!