Kick-Ass TP US

Kick-Ass TP US

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The greatest super-hero comic of all time — now a major motion picture directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Nicolas Cage.! Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? No, I mean REALLY wanted to be a super hero? Dave Lizewski has — but unlike you or me, he’s not willing to let it stop with simple daydreams. Designing a suit for himself, and taking the name “Kick-Ass,” Dave decides to make his dreary existence more exciting — and maybe even help some people in the process. But with no special powers and outmatched by New York City’s most hardened criminals, Kick-Ass might be in for a little more than he bargained for. With his super-hero secret identity gaining more and more fans due to a popular viral video, and other masked vigilantes beginning to make their presence felt in the city, Dave knows that his extracurricular activity is dangerous, maybe even stupid — but he’s got the itch, and it ain’t going away. Collecting KICK-ASS #1-8.