Atom the Beginning 06 (englisch)

Atom the Beginning 06 (englisch)

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Art.Nr.: 978-1-78774-003-7

Softcover, 208 Seiten, 12.8 x 1.4 x 18.2 cm


The team goes international in ATOM: The Beginning Volume 6! With an all-new robot, the engineering team face down robots from across the globe to be crowned the best fighter of them all!

With their new cutting-edge robot ‘U-Ran’ now complete, the engineers enter the World Robot Fighting Championship! Challengers from all over the world bring their best creations, to face down in a deadly battle of steel and cunning!

Created by Masami Yuki and Tetsuro Kasahara, Volume 6 of ATOM: The Beginning introduces an iconic character in U-Ran, the young sister of the titular Astro Boy!