X-Men Red by Al Ewing 03 (englisch)

X-Men Red by Al Ewing 03 (englisch)

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Art.Nr.: 978-1-302-95228-0

Softcover, 128 Seiten, 16.9 x 0.5 x 25.9 cm


After recent turmoil, Arakko catches its breath — but even as Storm begins a new romance, she has no time to rest. Xavier has questions about Magneto’s death, and he’s not asking nicely. Meanwhile, the White Sword — the Omega mutant healer who could raise the dead and bind them to his service — once had one hundred warriors. Now the last of the Hundred tells the tale of the one who destroyed them — one who is coming to test Arakko again! Plus: The origin of Arakko revealed! In ancient days, Genesis turned back the hordes of Amenth and forced Annihilation into a parley. What words were spoken in her mind? Apocalypse finally will know, and the echoes of those words might destroy him — and Arakko with him!

Collecting X-Men: Red (2022) #11-13 / X-Men: Before the Fall — Heralds of Apocalypse